Prosinec 2011

I'm sorry

18. prosince 2011 v 18:20 | Ayra Gokuderova Kirosaku |  Poems
My english poem I hope you will like it :)
A hlboko sa vám ospravedlňujem, že tu prakticky vôbec nie som , ale všetok čas venujem učeniu a tumblru.

I'm not sure if I was right.
Silently crying into the night.
That was a day when I decided to fall.
When I dediced to gave up… it all.

"Friends" always misuse me
and I just always say "Let it be."
Always sad and full of a fear.
Sometimes I wish to disappear.

Dear,what I was supposed to do?
Be so far far away from you.
Dear, tell me what is the answer.
I won't tell anyone. I promise,I swear.

You don't have to be quiet. Don't be so shy.
Don't sleep in the silence, don't try to lie.
Hey, open your eyes, give me a kiss.
And don't let me be a wortheless bitch.

I'm sorry that you saw my inner monster.
I'm sorry that my reaction wasn't faster.
I'm sorry that I turned you into a corpse.
I'm sorry that I made everything worse.